The Neuron Code — Hypnosis Recoded
The Neuron Code — Hypnosis Recoded
A Revolutionary Approach to Hypnotic Communication & Influence

Crack the Code to Becoming a Hypnotic Communicator

I couldn’t control myself.”
“I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”
“I’m fighting myself over this, it’s such a struggle!

I think we’ve all run into these situations. The sensation of losing control. Whether it’s our emotions, our behaviours or even our lives, sometimes it feels like our ability to make decisions for ourselves and do the right things, or to stop ourselves from doing the wrong things, just vanishes.

In fact, modern neuroscience tells us that much of what we think about as ‘conscious control’ is an illusion. Most, if not all of our behaviours are decided upon outside of our conscious awareness. And willpower is a limited commodity.

The fact is, if you want to change, or if you want to help someone change, that change needs to happen in deeper parts of the mind, places of thinking and feeling before and beneath our brain ever generates conscious awareness.

So, if you really want to understand people, to help them to understand themselves and to help them to change, cognitive approaches only scratch the surface.

The real work needs to be done prior to cognition, before consciousness, at the deepest level.

And the set of skills and procedures to help people at that level are what we call… Hypnosis.

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Different people have different experiences around hypnosis and different ideas about what it might be.

It might be the stage hypnotist that has people cluck like chickens or dance with brooms. It might be something out of a bad 1950s horror movie. Or, it might be someone you know stop smoking or lost weight after seeing a hypnotherapist.

The truth is, hypnosis has been around, in one form or another, since tribes sat around the fire listening to the old shaman or wise man or woman.

The tradition of inducing altered states of consciousness and using those ‘trances’ to help people change or to seek inner wisdom dates back to prehistory.

But, the other problem is that, arising from origins steeped in superstition, hypnosis still contains a lot of ritual and superstitious thinking.

And, of course, we really need this ability in our regular conversations, not just in some exotic ritual!

So, the question is, is there a newer way of thinking about hypnosis?

  • One that learns from the revolution taking place in the neurosciences?
  • One that does away with unnecessary ritual and superstition?
  • One that focuses on stripping away the nonsense and exposes the powerful realities of unconscious communication and influence?

What is The Neuron Code?

The Neuron Code is a complete hypnosis training, where you will learn everything you need to know and do to become a practicing hypnotist.

There are no prerequisites; you will go from ‘zero to hero’. At the end of the first module, you will be able to perform a number of highly effective hypnotic interventions and you will be a skilled improvisational hypnotist.

Subsequent modules will cover more advanced hypnotic material, but after this module, you will be able to use hypnosis powerfully, effectively and instinctively.

The course is designed as a workshop. You will...

  • Understand the basics of how the mind works
  • Understand the basics of mental states and what amazing things that altered states allow you to be, have and do
  • Experience useful and natural altered states for yourself
  • Induce altered states in others, both conversationally and through traditional hypnotic inductions and processes
  • Learn to help others (and yourself!) to make powerful and lasting changes for the better in your life

And you’ll receive personal attention, teaching and feedback from Michael, considered by many to be one of the best practicing hypnotists in the world.

And now Michael is ready to teach you to be a powerful and influential hypnotic communicator.

When he was re-coding old Hypnosis lore and practice to create the new approach he now calls 'The Neuron Code, Michael knew that there were three vital primary criteria for the new methodology...

  • It has to be Practical.

  • It has to be Powerful.

  • And it has to be broadly Effective.


Even though a lot of neuroscience went into creating the Neuron Code, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand and to do hypnosis using the Neuron Code.

In fact, the great power of the Neuron Code is that it allows you to be deeply hypnotic not only when doing hypnotic rituals like inductions but also in everyday conversations.

You’ll learn how to alter people’s states of consciousness by simply walking into a room, having a chat or telling a story.  Automatic and effortless.

In fact, some of the most powerful hypnotic communication happens in everyday interactions.

The training is challenging, but it is something that anyone can do with a willingness to explorehave fun and try new things on the course.

And, once you know the Neuron Code, you become effortlessly and powerfully hypnotic, influential and compelling in every aspect of your life.


Hypnotic communication bypasses conscious thinking and affects thoughts, feelings and behaviour at a deeper level.

This kind of hypnosis will allow you to…

  • Influence people’s emotional states.
  • Break bad habits.
  • Create new, more useful habits.
  • Coach people to move past depressive thinking, grieffear and anxiety
  • Tap into inner wisdom.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Become more productive.
  • Enter peak performance states.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase life satisfaction.
  • Help people to easily make powerful evolutionary changes in their lives.

Hypnosis has long been known to be a powerful modality for change. And Michael has made sure that the Neuron Code is even more powerful than more traditional hypnotic practice.


One of the problems with traditional approaches to hypnosis is that they very often have highly structured and formulaic hypnotic inductions.

One simple way to think about it is that a hypnotic induction is a way to help someone into an altered state of consciousness, or ‘trance’.

The problem is, different people respond to communication differently! Now that might seem like common sense, but the problem is, traditional hypnosis is a tendency to think about hypnotic inductions as being a bit like magical spells. You just sort of perform the script and either works or it doesn’t.

In the Neuron Code, you’ll learn a number of ways to help people enter into different states of consciousness.

This way, when you do hypnosis, you’ll be much more effective than traditional hypnotists because you will be skilled in a number of different ways to help people to enter special states.

That means, if someone can’t easily shift their state of consciousness one way, that’s all right, because you know a number of other ways and can even improvise something on the spot.

By being a functional and flexible hypnotic communicator, you’ll find that the Neuron Code will help you reach the greatest number of people and to change the greatest number of lives.




Michael… has great knowledge of NLP, great NLP skills and extraordinary hypnosis skills. He also has the kind of deep grounding that lets you know they’re coming from a place of being settled and grounded within him.

 So I have no hesitation giving him my highest recommendation.
— Jamie Smart, bestselling author of the CLARITY books
This is the best training done to date. I’ve done several courses with different trainers in different fields of change work; in therapy, in hypnosis, in NLP, in metaphorical and clean language… This has been the most transformational.
— Kathryn Campbell, changeworker and dentist
There are a whole host of other trainings that would be double or sometimes triple the price… I’m confident the distinctions that you will learn on (the Neuron Code) would far outweigh what you would learn on another course.
— Aaron Morton, Coach and PT
The before and after effect was dramatic. If anyone doesn’t know Michael, I would highly recommend you meet him as soon as possible!
— Jangchub Kelsang, Buddhist Monk
Anyone who meets Michael Perez recognises that he knows the subject of hypnosis and NLP in a deeper and more intricate way than 99.999% of people on the planet, which might mean everyone....

Michael is a jewel hidden in plain sight… What you get when you when you come here is something very special and very unique and nothing like it, nothing like it is happening around in the world. And if the opportunity is there, yeah, seize it!
— Joseph Kao, Hypnotherapist and teacher

About Michael Perez


Michael Perez is entering his third decade as a hypnotist. And, after mastering several different kinds of hypnosis and becoming an internationally celebrated authority, speaker and trainer in the field, Michael became increasingly interested in the neuroscience revolution.

As a student of cognitive neuropsychology, Michael has eagerly used knowledge from this revolution in understanding the human mind as a kind of ‘Rosetta Stone’, a key to unlocking the secrets of hypnosis, buried under layers and layers of superstition and ritual.

The emerging science lifted the veil of mystery surrounding hypnosis and suddenly rendered all the old theories and explanations of hypnosis outdated and invalid.

Further, some of the things we’ve learned about how the brain and mind function suggested new ways of using hypnotic communication that would revolutionise hypnotic practice.

Michael’s synergy of a broad spectrum of hypnotic techniques, informed by cognitive neuroscience, is an entirely new way of understanding and doing hypnosis, either conversationally or in more traditional hypnotic inductions.

Interviews With Michael About the Neuron Code

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